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Download the latest Version 1.68

Download the Telescope installer:
Click the link above and save the installer to your Desktop, or a folder you can easily locate.
Run the installer and follow the instructions.

See the requirements below, if you have any problems.

Update your existing Version

Download the upgrade files:
Click the link above and choose "Save As".
Save the file to your Desktop or to a folder you can easily locate.
Extract the archive into your existing Telescope installation directory and replace all existing files.

You can use the installer above if you have problems upgrading your existing version.
Your registration will not get lost.


Microsoft .net 2.0 or higher is required.
Microsoft .net 2.0: Download

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package is required.
Download the 32-bit version if you have a 32-bit operating system (most likely).
Microsoft Redistributable Package: Download (32-bit version)
Microsoft Redistributable Package: Download (64-bit version)

Our products require a Windows compatible operating system (XP, 2000, NT or Vista).

Important when using Windows Vista:
You have to run Telescope and the poker client as admin.
Run the windows explorer and navigate to your Telescope installation directory.
Right click the Telescope executable, and select "Run as admin" from the popup menu.


Version 1.68 - 13.10.2010
- Fix for latest PokerStars update.

Version 1.67 - 13.09.2010
- Fix for latest PokerStars update.
- Fixed Telescope installer.

Version 1.66 - 10.09.2010
- Fix for latest PokerStars update.

Version 1.65 - 09.01.2010
- Fixed your table recognition.

Version 1.63 - 01.01.2010
- Fix for waitlist recognition.
- Fixed playername recognition for TeamPokerStars member.

Version 1.62 - 12.11.2009
- Fix for latest PokerStars update and player notes.

Version 1.60 - 04.09.2009
- Fixed a scanner problem.

Version 1.58 - 15.05.2009
- Scanning should no more steal the focus.

Version 1.57 - 21.03.2009
- Added ability to display playerstatistics for 6-max, fullring and heads-up only.
- Fixed some playernames.

Version 1.56 - 28.02.2009
- Improved scanning speed for some cases.

Version 1.55 - 22.02.2009
- Improved the recognition of playernames.
- Fixed sorting of the "Score".
- Added ability to play soundfile when scan finished (See "Main->options->display").
- Playerstatistics - in use with HoldemManager databases - will consider PokerStars hands only.
- Tables you are waiting for will get a yellow color in Telescope (fixed).
- Double click on a player in the bottom panel opens the table he is sitting at.

Version 1.52 - 01.10.2008
- Moved progress bar popup into status bar.
Version 1.51 - 27.09.2008
- Improved HoldemManager support.

Version 1.50 - 25.09.2008
- Improved the "Join" waitinglist button in Telescope.
Telescope tries to mark the tables you are waitlisted at with a yellow background.

Version 1.49 - 17.09.2008
- Fixed "join" waitinglist button for black lobby theme.

Version 1.48 - 16.09.2008
- Added "join" waitinglist button to Telescope.
- Added ability to scan/exclude "50BB min" tables to Telescope filter.

Version 1.47 - 17.08.2008
- Added "interval scan".
- Added option to filter the tables by number of players.
- Added option to filter the tables by number of players on waiting list.
- Fxied PT3 aggregator.

Version 1.43 - 22.07.2008
- PokerStars Lobby should no more popup to foreground when scanning.

Version 1.42 - 21.07.2008
- Fixed possible database problems.

Version 1.41 - 19.07.2008
- Fixed sorting of "#Reads" column.
- Fixed update of playerstatistics.

Version 1.40 - 14.06.2008
- Added Aggregator Database for PokerTracker 3 support.
The Aggregator Database is a compression for PokerTracker 3 databases.
It should significantly improve the scanning speed.
See "PT3 Aggregator->update database" for further instructions.

Version 1.39 - 13.06.2008
- Added support for new PokerStars Beta Lobby Theme.
- Added support for PokerStrategy Elephant (v.50) support.
- Improved HoldemManager support (improved speed).
- Fixed Focus Stealing problem (PokerStars lobby pops to forderground).
- Fixed the scoring.
- Added update check.

Version 1.38 - 04.06.2008
- Fixed a problem with PokerTracker 3 databases.

Version 1.37 - 03.03.2008
- Fixed the Telescope filter.

Version 1.35 - 04.02.2008
- Added PokerTracker 3 support.

Version 1.34 - 1.2.2008
- Added ability to score the tables.
- Added ability to exclude yourself from scan (see main->options->profile).
- Fixed playernames with "LZ".
- Fixed the handsfilter for the lower pane.
- Fixed the way the Telescope filter works.

Version 1.33c - 16.1.2008
- Fixed an error in the filter.
- Fixed an OCR problem with "Cy" in playernames.

Version 1.33 - 10.12.2007
- The PokerStars lobby should no more popup to the foreground when scanning on a WindowsXP/Vista computer.
- The number of players on the waitinglist is now being retrieved.

Version 1.31 - 14.11.2007
- Added Omaha support.

Version 1.30 - 31.10.2007
- Fixed a bug with stacksize and different currency formats.
- Added full support of HoldemManager databases.

Version 1.29 - 24.10.2007
- Fixed problems with version 1.28 where players get assigned to the wrong table.

Version 1.28 - 23.10.2007
- Fixed problems where scanner was unable to get table or playernames.
- Improved performance of table and playername retrieval.
- Added the Avg. Pot column.
- Added the Players/Flop column.

Version 1.27 - 17.10.2007
- Fixed a problem with a resized PokerStars lobby window.
The lobby now gets resized to default size.

Version 1.26 - 08.10.2007
- Fixed a problem with PokerOffice databases and player retrieval.
- Telescope now saves its buddylist import settings.

Version 1.25 - 15.09.2007
- Fixed a bug that could cause no tables to be scanned.

Version 1.24 - 14.09.2007
- PokerStars made an upgrade to their software.
Fixed Telescope to work with the new PokerStars client version 2.318.
Make sure you have at least version 2.318 of the PokerStars client.
I am unable to test Telescope 1.24 with older Pokerstars clients and i do not know i every PokerStars client got automatically upgraded.
Make sure you are using the "medium textsize" in the PokerStars client.

Version 1.23 - 12.09.2007
- Fixed a bug causing missing playerstatistics for players with Capital 'i' or small 'l' in their name.

Version 1.22 11.09.2007:
- Fixed a problem where Telescope could not find the PokerStars window.

Version 1.21 03.09.2007:
- Fixed a connection problem with Pokertracker network databases.

Version 1.19 29.08.2007:
- Added Windows2000 support.
- Added "Minimum number of hands" filter to playerwindow.

Version 1.18 24.08.2007:
Fixed: Some minor bugs and made some code cleanup.

Version 1.17 21.08.2007:
Added: Fixed a problem with non-standard character.

Version 1.16 15.08.2007:
Added: More filter options.

Version 1.15 13.08.2007:
Fixed: Fixed Tableopening and some minor issues.

Version 1.14 09.08.2007:
Added: Fix for latest PokerStars upgrade.
Added: More abilities to filter the table- and playerlist.

Version 1.11 04.08.2007:
Added: Some more options to filter the tables.

Version 1.10 31.07.2007:
Added: Modified the Pokertracker Access connection of Telescope.

Version 1.09 29.07.2007:
Added: Telescope will now remember its tableposition and size.
Added: Added the "Get Tablelist" and "Scan Selected Table" feature.

Version 1.07 28.07.2007:
Added: Ability to exclude PL/NL tables from the scan.

Version 1.06 26.07.2007:
Fixed: Tableopener should now start at the top of the tablelist.

Version 1.05 24.07.2007:
Fixed: Tableopener should be more reliable now.
Fixed: A bug that could cause tables to be skipped from scan.

Version 1.04 24.07.2007:
Added: Telescope now disables the Windows TrueType fonts on startup,
and sets it back to the previous setting when closing.