What is SpadeEye See Em?

SpadeICM is a windows program that helps you to drastically improve and analyze your sit'n go / tourney play. SpadeICM consists of several main features:
  • An ICM calculator.
  • A bubble/final table trainer.
  • Import and analysis of your PokerStars, FullTiltPoker and PartyPoker handhistories.
  • A scenario editor to create/modify situations and see the impact on the correct decision.
  • SpadeICM is not a cheating software.
    SpadeICM does not give you an unfair advantage.
    It just replaces pen, paper and saves time.
  • The ICM Calculator

    The ICM Calculator computes the real $value of your chipstack in a Sit'n go.
    This is really important when it comes to deal making or deciding between "Push" or "Fold".
    All you have to enter is the stacksize of the players and the payoutstructure.
    The ICM Calculator computes your equity instantly.

    The bubble/final table trainer

    SpadeICM is able to generate fully customizable random sit'n go situations for training purposes.
    Learning by doing is the best method to master the game.
    SpadeICM keeps track of your decisions and computes the correct decision on the fly.
    One can re-/view the past games and learn to comprehend the mathematics behind the calculation of the correct decision.
    Besides making the wrong move at the right time (... and getting lucky :) ),
    Texas Hold'em is all about making the correct decision.
    Learn to know what the correct decision is. Experience and knowledge can be trained with this tool.

    Handhistory import/export

    Import your past Sit'n go or tourney handhistories into SpadeICM and verify your play.
    "Am i wrong to push all-in?", "Should i have to fold this hand on the bubble?".
    This and many more questions can be solved with SpadeICM.