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06.07.2007: Download a full functionally trial (version 1.22)

Click here to download SpadeICM installer: Download (4.9 MB)

Click the link above and choose "Save As".
Save the file to your Desktop or to a folder you can easily locate and run it.

See Installation notes below, if you have problems.

Alternative Download without Setup: Download
Just unzip and run SpadeICM.exe.


Telescope a new tool for tableselection on PokerStars has been released:
EyePoker a new tool for tableselection on the iPoker network has been released:

Installation notes

SpadeICM requires a Windows compatible operating system (XP, ME, NT), and works with the poker game provided by PartyPoker.com.
If getting an error when starting SpadeICM.exe one need to install the "Microsoft .net Framework 2.0 redistributable" from:
Microsoft .net 2.0

The Trial Version will work for 7 days.
After the 7 days you must purchase SpadeICM in order to continue using it (Details: here).


Version 1.22 29.07.2007:
Added: The number of correct hands is now being updated.
Added: The callingrange of limpers before a pusher can now be modified.

Version 1.21 06.07.2007:
Added: Profile for the import can be choosen.

Version 1.20 04.07.2007:
Fixed: SpadeICM can now run Offline.

Version 1.19 04.07.2007:
Added: Predefined profiles for callingranges.

Version 1.18 15.06.2007:
Fixed: Fixed import errors of tourney handhistories.

Version 1.16 27.04.2007:
Fixed: PartyPoker has changed their handhistory format.

Version 1.15 02.04.2007:
Added: The Push/Fold equity is now displayed on the table, to show how marginal the difference is.
Added: The handhistoryfolder gets saved.
Added: When the opponents handrange is being changed the game gets automatically recomputed to display the new scenario.
Fixed: A small bug in the editors cardselection that could bring up some anoying error messages.

Version 1.14 27.03.2007:
Added: Graphical analysis has been extended.

Version 1.13 26.03.2007:
Added: A first version of a graphical analysis has been added.

One can observe with which handrange one can "Push" depending on the probability to get called by player X.
When the equity of a "Push" is greater than the equity of a "Fold" the space is filled green.
Fixed: Some minor bugs in the userinterface.

Version 1.12 24.03.2007:
Fixed displayerror: Playeraction "Push" has been displayed as "Raise" in emailed PartyPoker handhistories.

Version 1.11 23.03.2007:
Added: PartyPoker emailed handhistories can now be imported, too.

Version 1.09 23.03.2007:
Fixed: Bug causing PartyPoker hands with Ante to be not been imported.
Fixed: Bug causing PokerStars hands to be wrong imported when players with "special" names are seated.

Version 1.08 22.03.2007:
Fixed:PartyPoker changed their handhistory format.

Version 1.07 17.03.2007:
Added: An additional value indicating the handrange a preflopraiser calls a push.
Up to now his raisingrange and his callingrange were the same.
This leads to unrealistic calculations in this special situation.
So now one can specify e.g. that a player infront us raises 50% of his hands and calls our push in 50% of this cases, which leads to a call in 25% the cases.
Another example:

A player infront of us raises with a range of ~20% and is potcommitted.
Therefore his range for calling a push is the same, which leads to a call in 100% of the cases.
Why 100%? The case that he has a hand in his raisingrange of 20% is already fullfilled (because he made the raise).
Now one has to decide in which of this cases he calls a push.
So if this two ranges are the same the resulting call will be made in 100% of the cases.

Version 1.04 16.03.2007:
Added: Display errors in Resultwindow fixed when imported more than one handhistory.

Version 1.03 15.03.2007:
Added: Check for updates on startup.

Version 1.02 14.03.2007:
Fixed: Opponentranges disappeared with version 1.01.

Version 1.01 13.03.2007:
Fixed: Bug in the handhistoryimporter that caused a hand to be misscalculated when an opponent pushed in front of us.
Fixed: Bug in resultwindow that caused the wrong hand to be displayed.

Version 1.0 28.02.2007:
- Improved the speed of the calculations and fixed some smaller bugs in the editor.