How to purchase

To receive your SpadeICM activation key, you will need to do two things:
1. Send 40$ via PayPal, Neteller, Moneybookers or Pokerroom playertransfer.
2. Fill out the form below. You can find your machinecode by going to "Main"->"Info" in the menu,
or if your trial has elapsed a window with your machinecode should pop up.

After receiving your registration fees, the activation key will be sent to you to the email address you specified in the form below.

Before you register, please download the Trial version, and check that it is working properly.
No registration fees will be refunded.

Order form

E-Mail Address:
(max. 1.000 character)

Registration via PayPal

Registration via

1) Log into your NETeller account and click on the Transfer tab.
2) Click on the Member To Member Transfer button.
3) Click on the Make A Peer-to-Peer Transfer Now link.
4) Click on the Make Withdrawal Now button.
5) Enter $40 in the amount field.
6) Click the Transfer to Member option and then click the Make Withdrawal button.
7) Enter the e-mail address and then click the Confirm button.

Registration via

1) Log into your Moneybookers account and click on "Send Money".
2) Enter $40 in the amount field and press "next".
3) Enter the email adress

Registration via Pokerroom playertransfer

Send an email to if you wish to pay via playertransfer.
I will provide you with details...

Attention Affiliates

E-mail for information on our bulk licensing program and our referall program.