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Download the latest Version 1.17

Download the SpadeEyeOmaha installer:
Click the link above and save the installer to your Desktop, or a folder you can easily locate.
Run the installer and follow the instructions.

See the requirements below, if you have any problems.

Upgrade your existing version:
Click the link above and choose "Save As".
Save the file to your Desktop or to a folder you can easily locate.
Extract the archive into your existing SpadeEyeOmaha installation directory and replace all existing files.

You can use the installer above if you have problems upgrading your existing version.
Your registration will not get lost.


Microsoft .net 2.0 or higher is required.
Microsoft .net 2.0: Download

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package is required.
Download the 32-bit version if you have a 32-bit operating system (most likely).
Microsoft Redistributable Package: Download (32-bit version)
Microsoft Redistributable Package: Download (64-bit version)

Our products require a Windows compatible operating system (XP, 2000, NT or Vista).

Important when using Windows Vista:
You have to run SpadeEyeOmaha and the poker client as admin.
Run the windows explorer and navigate to your SpadeEyeOmaha installation directory.
Right click the SpadeEyeOmaha executable, and select "Run as admin" from the popup menu.


Version 1.17 28.12.2009
- Added ability to exclude Hi/Lo tables from datamining.
- Fixed datamining issues with PartyPoker.

Version 1.15 14.06.2009
- Fix for HoldemManager support.

Version 1.14 19.05.2009
- Fix for Ante games at FullTiltPoker.
- Added HoldemManager support.

Version 1.12 30.04.2009
- Fixed for latest PartyPoker update.

Version 1.11 29.04.2009
- Fixed for latest FullTilt update.
- Fixed a couple of things at opening tables on PartyPoker.
You will have to reconfigure the "Filter" and "Main->options->Limits + Open Tables".

Version 1.10 24.03.2009
- Fixed tableopening at PartyPoker.

Version 1.09 01.10.2008
- Added support for latest PartyPoker version.
- Raised number of tables for datamining to 18.

Version 1.08 06.06.2008
- Added support for FullTilt "Deep Stack" tables at datamining.

Version 1.07 13.05.2008
- Added support for FullTilt Happy Hour tables.

- 28.02.2008
- Fixed for latest FullTiltPoker update.

- 01.10.2007
- Fixed a bug at datamining FullTilt Heads-Up tables.

- 15.09.2007
- Fixed a bug that could cause no tables to be scanned.

- 03.09.2007
- Fixed a connection problem with Pokertracker network databases.

- 30.08.2007
Fixed a problem with Pokertracker Access databases.