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Spin Palace Update

With the recent success of this website, Spin Palace UK Casino has completely revamped its website into a modern crisp well designed evolution. With a well structured, easy to follow menu, it cant really get easier, check it out by visiting the by clicking on the link above.

Latest PartyPoker Update

27.Sept.2008: The awaited PartyPoker update has been released and a fixed SpadeEye version 2.93 is ready for download.
Thumbs up for PartyPoker to get this new version out that fast, and responding to yours and our wishes.
Tableselection is working again.
Some things still needs to be fixed for the new PartyPoker version, but this will happen soon.

Next on the list of things to fix is SpadeEyeOmaha.

23.Sept.2008: Todays PartyPoker update killed the SpadeEye support.

The PartyPoker client no more displays the playerlist of a table in its lobby.
Thus SpadeEye is unable to get this basic information.

Nevertheless a PartyPoker official said, that the playerlist will be reintroduced by the next PartyPoker update:
Read Here

Please have a bit patience for the next PartyPoker update.
As soon as the update arrives, SpadeEye will be working again with PartyPoker as it used to be.

It is not known yet, when the PartyPoker update will arrive.
We will keep you updated as soon as we know more about that.

Edit: Looks like PartyPoker will need more like 3-4 weeks to pull out an update.
We are currently working on a SpadeEye patch that will use the table preview instead.
This solution will not be that comfortable, but it will work somehow.
We try to release the new SpadeEye version on 24.Sept.-25.Sept.


09.Sept.2008: New homepage launched.
The documentation section still needs to be done.
A video section with suggestions on how to use our products will follow later.