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News 14-09-2018

Ali Imsirovic wins $799,000 Poker Masters

In less than a week and Ali Imsirovic has recorded the biggest victory of his short career… twice! After scoring the biggest victory of his career on Wednesday, the 22-year-old hit the tables again and broke his personal best by winning £799,000 at the Poker Masters, to add to his $462,000 that he’d won the […]

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News 12-09-2018

Baccarat dealer pleads guilty to helping players cheat casino out of $1m+

A baccarat dealer has pleaded guilty to conspiring to helping players cheat a Maryland casino out of more than $1 million, the Associated Press reported. In September 2017, Ming Zhang was reported to have lifted the deck to expose part of an unshuffled baccarat deck, while a player at the table photographed the cards. This […]

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News 12-09-2018

Ike Haxton wins Poker Masters short deck title and $176,000

Isaac ‘Ike’ Haxton walked off with $176,000 after winning the Poker Masters event yesterday to close in on Brandon Adams at the Purple Jacket leaderboard. Haxton was one off 55 entrants that included stats Justin Bonomo and Rainer Kempe, but neither of the latter two were able to reach the final table. The tournament saw […]

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News 10-09-2018

Colin Gillon wins €175k Irish Poker Masters

Scotland’s Colin Gillon has secured the largest live poker tournament winnings of his career as the last man standing in the 2018 Party Poker Live Irish Poker Masters Main Event. In a field of 857 entrants, each paying €1,150 entry fee, a sizeable €121,575 overlay was left on the €1 million guaranteed prize pool. The […]

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News 29-08-2018

Poker player loses 13,000 big blinds after showing opponent a card

A poker player made a costly mistake in a mega-deepstacked no-limit hold’em cash game held Monday evening at the Bicycle Casino outside Los Angeles, USA. Video of the hand, posted to Live at the Bike’s Twitter account, began on the river. A player with the nickname “Bitcoin Yoda” bet $10,000 into a pot of $15,000. […]

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News 19-08-2018

3 casinos receive online gaming licenses in Pennsylvania

With a vision of getting the online gambling industry off the ground before the end of the year, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has granted approval to three casinos to provide online gambling operations. Nine casinos in Pennsylvania, USA applied for online poker, table games and slots as well as a separate license for sports […]

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News 16-08-2018

PokerStars confirms DDoS attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have been somewhat of the norm within the poker world over the past couple of years. It was only last week that PartyPoker confirmed that they had been the target of such attacks that resulted in their operations being hindered. Now the number one online poker site, PokerStars, have […]

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